Roger Saul: Mulberry Founder Reveals How to Grow a Global Brand & Pivot Recessions


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In this episode Rob brings the co-founder of Mulberry, and sustainability pioneer Roger Saul to the podcast. We previously heard from Roger at the young entrepreneurs summit and he had so much wisdom to share Rob wanted to go more in depth with him on all things entrepreneurship! An inspiring and educational conversation full of value for both the young and established entrepreneur alike.


  • Roger’s first job was as a boutique assistant when he was studying in London. He would go out and source accessories for the boutique to sell. He realised that there was a huge mark-up and he could be doing this himself and be making a lot more money. He started Mulberry with a singer sewing machine with his mother and girlfriend and he soon went global.
  • Pivoting is a key part to any successful business and entrepreneur and Roger has demonstrated this many times over, including riding the 1980s recession by creating collections based on what had previously worked and designing Mulberry home products when people started travelling less in the 80’s/90’s.
  • Key to Roger’s and Mulberry’s success was recognising that it wasn’t sustainable to be at the top of fashion season in, season out. What he did instead was create a brand and products that stayed with people. One of his biggest success stories was the Mulberry planner, as this meant people would see the Mulberry brand every day and would also come back to Mulberry each year for the new inserts.
  • Roger has had his own share of incredibly tough times, including be ousted from the brand he built and created.
  • You don’t have to ‘stay in your lane’ in business. Roger started in fashion, moved over to homewares, then hotels, onto food and more. Being able to adapt and do so with passion, energy and knowing your customers and audience is key.
  • Opportunities don’t often drop into your lap, you have to be creative and make them happen yourself. You can get through tough times by putting your ego aside and doing what it takes to come out the other side, keep adapting, keep improving and focus on the end goal.


“The 70s are where everything changed and fashion became what we know today”

“Belts were the handbags of today, every season they changed shape”

“That was crippling none of us had experienced anything like it before”

“How do I maintain control?”



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