Ben's Story of the Day - The Graduation Prank Without Graduation, The Falling Criminal & The Mile-High Wedding


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Today's edition of Ben's Story of the Day features:

1) When the graduating class pulls a prank, there's usually some appreciation for the genius with a pinch of insanity needed to a good one work. These students weren't that lucky instead getting suspended just long enough to miss the graduation ceremony.

2) There isn't often a lot of overlap between the mentality of a criminal and a police officer. This is one of those rare occasions where the officer was probably just as surprised as the criminal who, after stealing a bike and a ham (odd combo but ok), decided to hide in the ceiling of a Subway restaurant. The overlap comes from the surprise everyone felt when he came crashing through the ceiling to the officers' feet. A painful lesson to learn in many different ways.

3) Can't hold your wedding because of COVID-19 restrictions? There's a fix for that! Just charter a plane with everyone you've invited on board and get married that way! Sure the airline might get investigated for disobeying the restrictions but hey, you're married now!

Which one will be crowned Ben's Story of the Day? Which one is your story of the day?

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