Ben's Story of the Day - The School-Evacuating House Cat, Painting The Highway Red & The Drone Armed With A Sex-Toy


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Today's edition of Ben's Story of the Day features:

1) School's aren't often fully evacuated unless under the most dire of situations like say, a bobcat in the school. Whoever called in this bobcat sighting needs their eyes checked because when the school was finally cleared, it was found to be nothing more than a house cat.

2) Semi-trucks and the trailers they tow are truly some of the most important things to ensuring our society and its businesses can function. Unfortunately things occasionally go wrong while en route and it isn't until you realize that you've leaked an entire trailer's worth of tomato paste mixed with olive oil on the highway for as far as the eye can see. Though it may look like blood, it's only a horror scene for those who love the culinary arts.

3) It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a sex-toy wielding quadcopter? Just some of the words that were almost guaranteed to have been said by onlookers of a a mayoral speech that was being conducted by a mayoral candidate. Whether the goal was to slap the candidate's head with the toy or just to simply divert peoples' attention, it was clear that the only way it was going to be removed was by 'gripping and ripping'.

Which one will be crowned Ben's Story of the Day? Which one is your story of the day?

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