Can Quebec rewrite parts of the Canadian Constitution? Do you have the right to disconnect outside of work? Does Canadian content need more promotion or less?


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Justin Trudeau has recently come out and said that Quebec has the ability to unilaterally make amendments to the Constitution of Canada. Is this accurate and if so, does that mean every province is free to change parts of the Canadian Constitution?

Guest: Ryan O'Connor, Lawyer & Partner, Zayouna Law Firm


Working from home has left many employees asking if they have the right to not answer the phone should work come calling outside of normal hours. The best person to answer this question is an employment lawyer so Scott does just that and brings one on the show.

Guest: Mackenzie Irwin, Employment Lawyer, Samfiru-Tumarkin LLP


Apparently there are some intentions for Bill C-10 to help promote Canadian content. But aren't there already laws in place to aid in the promotion of Canadian content? Do we need to promote our content even more? Is it time to take it easy with how hard we push it?

Guest: Eric Alper, Publicist, Music Commentator & Shameless Idealist

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