Do people with food allergies benefit from food bans? Why are athletes still getting injured? & The stupidest baby names of 2021


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Bans on certain kinds of food are currently present in many schools in Ontario but there are some scientists who are looking into whether or not there's a better way to be going about this. Could blanket bans on food like peanuts not be the answer?

Guest: Dr. Susan Waserman, Director of the Adverse Reactions Clinic, Firestone Institute of Respiratory Health, Professor of Medicine at the Division of Clinical Immunology & Allergy, Department of Medicine, McMaster University


Athletes are in the best shape they've ever been and yet they are still far from perfect. Injuries are still a rather common occurrence in sport despite all the supports being there. Are we maxing out the human body's potential?

Guest: Steve Lidstone, Associate Director, Sports Performance, Brock University


The COVID-19 pandemic has driven people crazy! Or at least you'd think so after seeing this list of stupid names given to babies since the beginning of the year. So gather up your kids named Salad and Pandemica because Scott and Ben have quite the unique list lined up for you.

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