Hope for an LRT system in Hamilton grows, The Toronto Rock will call Hamilton home but keep its name & Would you drink non-alcoholic whisk(e)y?


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This Thursday will see an announcement be made by the federal government that will either give Hamilton's proposed LRT project its final nail in the coffin or the green light to put shovels in the ground. What does Hamilton's Mayor think of this and what preparations are being made?

Guest: Fred Eisenberger, Mayor, City of Hamilton


The Toronto Rock is moving to Hamilton! There's just one catch, they're staying the Toronto Rock. While it's awesome that Hamilton's presence in the professional lacrosse realm but why can't the name be changed to match?

Guest: Jamie Dawick, Owner, President & GM, Toronto Rock


A company in California is making whiskey without the alcohol. Why would someone want to drink non-alcoholic whisk(e)y and if the law requires a minimum of 40% alcohol by volume, can you even call what they make whiskey?

Guest: Davin de Kergommeaux, Spirits Author; International Whisky Judge; Founder, Canadian Whisky Awards

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