How likely is it for Paul Bernardo to be released? The 5 biggest challenges our education system faces & Will the NHL deliver a meaningful punishment this time?


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A parole hearing is coming up for Paul Bernardo but everyone is asking, is there really a chance at him being released from his life sentence?

Guest: Tim Danson, Lawyer representing the French and Mahaffy families


The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed many weaknesses in our education system. This is something that Dr. Paul Bennett has helped distill down to 5 headlines that describe what exactly is going on with our students, teachers and the system as a whole.

Guest: Dr. Paul Bennett, Founding Director & Lead Consultant, Schoolhouse Consulting and Author, "The State of the System" & Educhatter blog


Hockey fans are yet again wondering what punishment, if any, is going to be delivered by the NHL. This comes after another player was injured to the point of being stretchered off of the ice. Is it time for the enforcer to come back or is the NHL actually going to do what it says?

Guest: Sean Fitzgerald, Senior National Writer, The Athletic

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