New Transit Director for the HSR, Paul Bernarto's parole hearing, and a shortage in vinyl


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The HSR has a new director in charge. As the new director for the HSR, Maureen Cosyn Heath is going to face some new challenges. Is she ready? What challenges await her?

Guest: Maureen Cosyn Heath, Transit Director HSR, London school bus CAO.

Paul Bernarto's parole hearing has taken place, and to many Canadian's relief, it didn't go well for Bernarto. But why should he have a parole hearing when many Canadians believe he won't be released?

Guest: Jeff Manishen, Criminal Lawyer & Associate Counsel, Ross & McBride LLP

Vinyl records are seeing such a resurgence in popularity that vinyl manufacturers can barely keep up with the demand. What is driving the interest in vinyl?

Guest: Alan Cross, Music Historian & Journalist; Author 'A Journal of Musical Things' & Host, The Ongoing History of New Music

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