Should Hamilton have electric scooters available to everyone? Why can't the NHL give out reasonable punishments? Will cinemas see a huge resurgence?


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Publicly available electric scooters could be gracing Hamilton's streets soon. While this will be similar to the SoBi bike program there's some rather large differences between an electric scooter and a bicycle. Would introducing these scooters be a good idea?

Guest: John Paul Danko, Ward 8 City Councillor, City of Hamilton


He could have killed someone, literally, and yet he was only fined $5,000. That's how many people feel following an astonishing fight last night during the hockey game between the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals. What should the punishment be that Capitals winger Tom Wilson receives and why does the NHL suck at delivering punishments for bad behaviour?

Guest: Mark Hebscher, Author; Podcaster; Former Host, CHCH-TV; Former Co-Host, Sportsline


Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating to the movie theatre industry but it looks like there will be a rather large resurgence in patronage. What does the future hold for cinema owners and cinema-goers?

Guest: Robert Thompson, Director, Bleier Center for Television & Popular Culture; Trustee Professor of Television, Radio and Film

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