What should a parent do if their child isn't ready for the next grade? What does Hamilton City Council want to know about LRT? & What's it like being nominated for a Daytime Emmy award?


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Ontario's education system seems to love moving students forward but hates to keep them back regardless of their readiness to progress to the next grade. What happens if a parent doesn't think their kid is ready for the next grade? What can they do?

Guest: Monika Ferenczy, Education Expert, Consultant & Author


Metronlinx will be sending its big wigs to Hamilton City Council to answer some questions about the proposed LRT system. What do Councillors want to know?

Guest: Lloyd Ferguson, Ward 12 Councillor, City of Hamilton


The 2021 Daytime Emmy nominations have been released and one of the nominees is a guy from Hamilton. You might know him as Dante Falconeri from General Hospital but his real name is Dominic Zamprogna. Are soap fans as crazy as they might seem? What's it like being nominated in the "Lead Actor in a Drama Series" category?

Guest: Dominic Zamprogna, Actor & 2021 Daytime Emmy Nominee

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