What should our Grade 12 students do after graduation? Why are politicians treating two similar stories completely differently? Why would a school board end their honours programs?


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As we approach the end of the school year, there are a lot of Grade 12 students who aren't sure where they should go next. Is Grade 13 the way to go or is progressing into post-secondary education what students should do?

Guest: Michele Vesprini, Guidance Counselor, St. Thomas More Catholic Secondary School


There are two stories unfolding on opposing ends of the country that aren't dissimilar however the way politicians are treating it is night and day. What's going on in Alberta and Quebec?

Guest: Stephen LeDrew, Political Commentator; Host, The LeDrew Three Minute Interview; Former President, Liberal Party of Canada


The Vancouver School Board is cutting out its honours programs from its high school. What purpose is this suppose to serve and are the words equality and equity misused too often?

Guest: Monika Ferenczy, Education Consultant & Author

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