Why is Hamilton covered in pollen right now? Is this the year the Maple Leafs go all the way? & Should we talk about and study aliens and UFOs in a serious way?


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It seems like there's a nice thick layer of pollen coating every surface in Hamilton this spring. Where did it all come from and what exactly is pollen? Is there any reason it's here in such abundance?

Guest: Barbara McKean, Head of Education, Royal Botanical Gardens


Is this the year we'll see the Toronto Maple Leafs continue all the way to win the Stanley Cup? If this first round between the Maple Leafs & Canadiens is anything to go off of, things are looking good for the Leafs.

Guest: Rick Zamperin, Senior Sports Director, Global News Radio 900 CHML


UFOs are synonymous with aliens and conspiracy theorists however there might be a shift towards talking about these in a more serious & academic light. Is it time we start talking about the possibility of aliens as something that might actually be real and something that should be studied rather than dismissed as tinfoil hat wearing non-sense?

Guest: Dr. Jesse Rogerson, Astrophysicist; Assistant Professor, Department of Science & Technology Studies, York University

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