Will CFL fans be in the stands this season? What caused the delay of Martin Scorsese's documentary about SCTV?


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The CFL relies on fans being in the stands, and the revenue they generate, to carry on but some recent news from the provincial sports minister sounds like that crucial life line might not be there. What could this mean for the CFL and this year's season?

Guest: Steve Foxcroft, Sports Broadcaster, NFL Chain Gang Member, NBA Court-side Administrator & Vice-President, Fluke Transport


SCTV is a staple for many people thanks to iconic skits and characters and that goes for both sides of the screen as its launched the careers of many comedians and actors. A documentary that was set to be directed by Martin Scorsese about an SCTV reunion was in the works however we're hearing it's been delayed. Scott speaks with Bill Brioux to find out more about this.

Guest: Bill Brioux, TV blogger, brioux.tv

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