Justin Trudeau joined the show, Politicians long on promises but short on solutions & The election is neck-and-neck


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The Bill Kelly Show Podcast w/ Guest Host Scott Radley:

We’re heading into the final weekend before voting day in the federal election!

Scott Radley questions Justin Trudeau on both national and local issues that the Liberals plan to address if they are re-elected.

GUEST: Justin Trudeau, Leader of the Liberal Party


Politicians have made promises that will cost tens of billions of dollars during this election. But when it comes time to open their wallets to pay the tab, these party leaders are running to hide in the bathroom while taxpayers cover the bill.

Politicians and taxpayers both need to understand a simple truth: there is no free lunch.
Someone always pays and that someone is the average working Canadian.

Canada needs to elect a government that will rein-in spending, balance the budget within a reasonable timeframe and reduce taxes.

But each of Canada’s three major parties have indicated that Canadians won’t get the responsible fiscal stewardship that the country desperately needs.

GUEST: Jay Goldberg, Interim Ontario Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation


The race between the Liberals and Conservatives:

As the clock ticks down toward Election Day, neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives have managed to secure a comfortable lead and the two parties remain tangled in a statistical tie, according to the latest polling data from Nanos Research.

GUEST: Richard Brennan, Former Journalist with The Toronto Star covering both Queen’s Park and Parliament Hill

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