Why do some Canadians dislike Trudeau? Party views on border restrictions amid C-19 fourth wave & Allegations of sexual assault at Western University


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The Bill Kelly Show Podcast:

Canada’s snap election has increasingly featured threats of violence against Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. Though not the only leader to be harassed, Trudeau’s campaign stops in recent weeks have been disrupted by small, hostile, mostly white crowds — one protester was charged with throwing gravel at Trudeau during a campaign appearance.

Outside of Canada, people might be surprised to hear about the anger directed at a politician known internationally as a youthful, charming, energetic progressive. But our research into Canadian memes has found a persistent, visceral dislike of Trudeau among many right-wing online communities.

In Canada, Trudeau’s a polarizing figure — online, people either love or immensely dislike him.

So why do some Canadians hate Trudeau?

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GUEST: Fenwick McKelvey, Associate Professor in Information and Communication Technology Policy at Concordia University


As the 2021 federal election winds down, a fourth wave of COVID-19 is underway amid further easing of restrictions for fully vaccinated travellers.

As researchers in the Pandemics and Borders Project, we are analyzing how countries can effectively use cross-border measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Julianna joins the show to discuss the positions of the main political parties on the critical issue of travel restrictions and how they plan to control the fourth wave.

GUEST: Julianna Piper, Research Fellow of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University


Officials Western University say they have increased security on campus and in student residences following reports of sexual violence. The London campus has not provided details of the alleged incidents, but said it is “investigating reports from this weekend.”

A statement from Chris Alleyne, associate vice-president of housing and ancillary services, notes that the school will not tolerate sexual violence.

Ramona and Bill examine the university culture and violence against women. Why is this still happening?

GUEST: Ramona Alaggia, Professor with the Women & Gender Studies Institute at the University of Toronto

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