Obama Confirms UFOs | Guests: David Harsanyi & Kimberley Strassel | 5/19/21


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President Biden was caught lying yet again about his family and coal mining, but the fact-checkers appear to be hibernating. Why would Biden greenlight a Russian pipeline after canceling ours? Even Obama is confirming that UFOs exist, so why isn’t this front-page news? Dr. Fauci admitted that he wore a mask for show. Stu goes on one of his famous Andrew Cuomo rants, this time about how his book deal and scandals are connected. A conservative group is targeting woke companies in incredible ads. National Review’s David Harsanyi calls in to discuss the Supreme Court’s new abortion case and why he believes the Squad is rooting for Hamas. Author Kimberley Strassel shares her insight as the government eyes our private property.

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