170 - The Ungoogleable Michaelangelo Rides The Transtempouroboros and Waits for The End of The World to End


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This week’s episode is a true return to form, in which my old friend Michael Jacobs (aka The Ungoogleable Michaelangelo, aka Void Denizen) and I talk about pretty much everything — including plenty of things I honestly can’t believe I spoke about so freely.

Every once in a rare while I have a discussion on Future Fossils that truly exemplifies the spirit in which this show was born — the truly omnivorous amateur enthusiasm that pervaded it before I started worrying about defining these investigations for an audience.

Here is just a set of sampling slices from our most heartfelt and epic yarn, in which Michael talks about taking care of his father, who suffers Alzheimer’s; about getting back out of city life and onto the road in the American Southwest, communing with the landscape; about nonduality and artistry and memory and transpersonal somatics and their implications…

It is an honor to meld with this guy, especially as my first not-exactly-post-pandemic, back-in-person podcast with a friend in the same room since God Knows When. Throughout this episode: he and I bat 1000 on the revelatory portmanteaus:

The IcarOS, Genre Fluid, Vagabondage, The Industry and The Artistry, (my Dantien used to be a) Dantwienty, (and of course) The Transtempouroboros (tasty!).


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“If time is circular, you can be behind the curve and ahead of the curve at the same time.”

– MG


Life transformations; place-based spirituality; the praxis, challenge, and path of caregiving; knowing when it’s time to shake things up; time, loss, memory, the shedding of ego…realizing you’ve been forgotten; Improv vs. composition; genii loci; when the doer and the doing are the same; time travel in the music studio; the difference between emphasis on UFO craft or the aliens themselves; scrutinizing my UFO experiences as potentially “just” a social hallucinogenic placebo effect or accidental transpersonal charismatic gaslighting…


Michaelangelo on FF: 37, 101

Bayo Akomolafe on Rune Soup

Self Portraits As Other People Episode 1 with Loga

Reincantations (theme of The Sentimental Centipede)

Anthony Peake on Self Portraits As Other People

Shea Hembrey at TED: How I Became 100 Artists

JF Martel on FF: 18, 71, 126

FF 150 on a Unifying Meta-Theory of UFOs and The Weird

MG on Aliens and Artists

On Dreams and Waking at the San Francisco Evolver Spore, April 2010

FF 149 with Tada Hozumi, Dare Sohei, Naomi Most, Onyx Ashanti

FF 117 with Eric Wargo

[Other People]

Void Denizen, Stewart Brand, EOTO, Tyson Yunkaporta, Jeff Buckley, David Bowie, Ween, Mike Patton, Yeasayer, Ben Harper, Bo Burnham, eter and The Wolf


Michaelangelo’s Meowsoleum and new book, The He and She of It

MG’s The Evolution of Surveillance, Part 4: Augments and Amputees

Martin Nowak et al.’s The evolution of syntactic communication (paper)

“Time binding” was coined by Alfred Horzybski (who also said, “The map is not the territory.”)

Rolf Potts’ Vagabonding

David Eagleman’s Sum

Arthur C. Clarke & Stephen Baxter’s The Light of Other Days

Pola Olaixarac’s Dark Constellations

David Abram, Becoming Animal

John C. Wright’s Count To A Trillion and The Golden Age

Peter Watts’ Blindsight

Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five

Aldous Huxley’s Heaven and Hell


Westworld, Constantine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Altered Carbon, Coco,

Seven Pounds (re: organ transplants),

Dark Crystal & Labyrinth (re: Brian Froud),

Lucy with Scarlett Johannson (re: black goo),

Voices Within: The Lives of Truddi Chase

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