A Concrete Grave: The Murder of Doug Benton


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Doug Benton was a welder living in Colbert, Georgia. Considered a friendly and helpful neighbor, he was known for raising and selling exotic birds from his house, lifting weights, and riding a Harley. When Doug met police deputy Tracy Fortson, the two had an instant attraction. They began to spend most of their time together.
But Doug disappeared on June 4, 2000. Tracy cooperated with the police. She was the last person known to have seen him. She admitted to having an argument with Doug that day and said that they had broken up.
Join us at the quiet end for A Concrete Grave: The Murder of Doug Benton. When Doug’s body was found, his manner of death and the disposal of his body did not appear to be the work of an ex-girlfriend. The relationship between Doug and Tracy was volatile, but Doug also had a bit of a past. When the investigation began, evidence began to pile up, pointing to Tracy as Doug’s killer. But Tracy had information to share about her position at the police force and a possible plot to frame her.

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