Triangles Meditation Group Webinar: Sounding Rays


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Triangles is a simple meditation/visualization practice that can be fit into the busiest of schedules. Three people form a group and agree to link each day in thought. They visualize a triangle of light and goodwill being formed between each of the group members. The network as a whole, provides a real planetary service, anchoring the light, love, and goodwill of divinity into human consciousness.

Each Monday at 3:00 pm (New York), 8:00 pm (London), and 9:00 pm (Geneva) Triangles offers a webinar in cooperation with the global Triangles Meditation Group. The webinar aims to provide a platform for Triangles members and those who are new to Triangles to come together with others from around the world to give subjective support to the strengthening and expansion of the Triangles network. The webinar includes a short introductory talk about Triangles, a Triangles meditative visualization and a group sharing of ideas and impressions.

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