How to Get 12,000 Video Views on LinkedIn with Darren Magarro


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For this segment of the 300th Episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Ian Garlic sits down with Darren Magarro, the Founder & President of The DSM Group. When building your brand, it’s important to create authentic content that brings value to your audience.

In a moment of vulnerability, Darren filmed a personal video that he posted to LinkedIn that got over 12,000 views. The video had nothing to do with business or marketing, it was just about Darren’s own thought process while grieving somebody close to him. By creating honest, valuable, and authentic content, you are sure to find people who think similarly to you and agree with your values.

Watch the full episode to discover the best digital marketing tips on LinkedIn, SEO, website content and design, ads, and podcasting that you can implement for your business right now.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The Importance of Culture in a Company
  • The Foundational Piece of Every Agency or Business
  • Why Should Professional Services Build a Personal Brand?
  • How Darren Personally Builds His Personal Branding
  • How to Increase Your Agency’s Success with a Good Vetting Process
  • The Importance of Being Authentic on Video
  • How much should a professional be posting on LinkedIn?

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