How to Grow a Healthcare Business to $10 Million Using the Strategy Canvas with Erik Schlesinger


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For this segment of the 300th Episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Ian Garlic sits down with Erik Schlesinger, the CEO of Build Scale Prosper. Together, they discuss the Strategy Canvas and how it helped a healthcare business grow to $10 million.

By reaching out to your customers, you are able to figure out their pain points, find the gaps within your own experience, and restructure your processes to make their customer experience the best possible. Erik discusses how to discover the problems within your customer experience and what you can do with that information to 10x your revenue.

Watch the full episode to discover the best digital marketing tips on LinkedIn, SEO, website content and design, ads, and podcasting that you can implement for your business right now.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to Grow a Healthcare Business to $10 Million Using the Strategy Canvas
  • Improving the Customer Experience Using Marketing
  • The Easy Way to Transform Your Business
  • Finding the Balance Between Listening to Customers and Innovation
  • How to Discover Problems in Your Customer Experience
  • 10x Your Revenue by Refocusing Your Business

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