How to Make Double Your Budget Using Geofencing Marketing with Justin Croxton from Propellant Media


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Knowing your avatar is key to good marketers. For great marketers, knowing the avatar’s exact moment situation is even better. Geofencing marketing can make this possible. Ian Garlic talks to Justin Croxton, the CEO of Propellant Media, about how to target your avatar’s situation using geofencing marketing. Justin also explains how many brick and mortar businesses can make more than double their budget back by focusing on the right elements.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What is Geofencing Marketing?
  • How to Target Your Ideal Avatar’s Situation
  • The Strategy Car Dealerships, and Other Businesses, Can Take Advantage Of
  • Using Geofencing Campaigns During the Shift to Digital
  • Brands Can Make More Than Double Their Budget By Focusing On THIS

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