Marissa Thompson on Creative Classroom Seating Interaction - Elementary School Community Approaches


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Marissa Thompson is an inspiring educator. She cares deeply for her students and shares some fascinating words of encouragement for teachers. Listen to the podcast edition here ( Marisa Thompson pioneers a perspective that our limitations are only temporary, and we can be unlimited teachers. Her blog is a source of wisdom on new methods of unlocking teacher, and student potential ( Her leadership in high school, and at the University of San Diego are setting educators and students on fire, and seeking to unlock their own potential and remove the obstacles to reaching goals. She has found ways to incorporate successful strategies like interaction, creative seating, and activities from elementary school and adapted them to harness the creative power of high school and university students. Her ability to take away limitations has s Follow Marisa on Twitter @MarisaEThompson, Inspiring Teachers @ShowTeachers, and @DannyHauger. Support our friends at and save 10% off your order with promo code HaugerHistory10. Check out my Inspiring Teachers E-Book, with 25 brilliant teachers discussing their "why" of teaching! Questions for our next episode or guest ideas? Write us! Follow us on Instagram @InspiringTeacherShow Subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes

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