(#23-Rebroadcast-Part 1) Near Death Experiences with Jeffrey J. Kripal


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Apologies for the unexpected rebroadcast, but I explain in the opening. I also reedited to cut out all the housekeeping and non-relevant info so you can revisit the episode uninterrupted.

Elizabeth Krohn was struck by lightning, died, and came back to life outside a Houston Synagogue. However, she didn't just come back. She came back with psychic superpowers and the ability to see the dead. She wrote about her story with Jeffrey J. Kripal, Associate Dean of the School of Humanities at Rice University in the book, Changed in a Flash. Together they have combined spirituality and science to place Elizabeth’s near-death experience and psychic awakening into context.

Part 2 follows with an episode on Block Universe Theory and psychic dreams with Eric Wargo.

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