080 - How to Master the Art of Delegation - Emily Morgan


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How do you delegate when you're overwhelmed but you've been burned when you tried to delegate things before? Emily Morgan, founder and CEO of Delegate Solutions (www.DelegateSolutions.com)a virtual assistance company, joins us on this episode. She teaches the five types of bottlenecks leaders find themselves becoming and how to find the right person to delegate the repetitive stuff you don't like doing or aren't great at. As a business owner herself, Emily also shares what she's gotten out of being a part of Strategic Coach, Dan Sullivan's program and how she's used a Fractional Integrator (COO), Fractional CMO, and Fractional CFO in her own business. Listen to the show on Apple podcasts (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/win-win-an-entrepreneurial-community/id1465488607), wherever you normally get your podcasts, or listen on the web at http://WinWin.Cast.Rocks.

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