Tiffany Trenda, Luminous Podcast Episode 021


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Tiffany Trenda is a new media fashion artist based out of LA. We met each other through my friend Anouk, another new media artist active in the fashion-tech scene. I was curious how the conversation would go. We spoke on the phone about a week ago and our conversation was really flowing. That totally continued through this episode.

She’s spent her artistic career creating a physical narrative through performances using handmade costumes and tech-infused clothing. She never shows her face and encourages the audience to interact with screens that are attached to her body.

Her work is really unique and super compelling. We talk about performance art in the time of Covid, bridging the uncanny valley, how NFT’s apply to physical new media art, and of course, the singularity.

Check it out, I know you’ll love this one!

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