Suck My Balls #86 - S6E4 Fun With Veal - “Vaginitis”


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Matt, Joe & Scoop are back for another edition of Suck My Balls. This week they tackled a topic that has become a big life change here in America, Vegetarianism. After a school field trip to the Cow Slaughter farm, Stan and the boys find out that Veal is Baby Cow. Stan, disgusted by this, enlists the boys to steal and harbor 20 plus baby calves. As a result, Stan elects not to eat meat and as a result, gets sick and comes down with Vaginitis. The show comes to a dramatic conclusion as the boys negotiate the safety of the baby calves. We also talk about trivia, pop culture, our top moments and more. So go ahead and take this free sample home with you, it's delicious.

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