Suck My Balls #87 - S6E5 The New Terrance & Phillip Movie Trailer - Guest Trace Pierce


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Matt & Joe are back for another edition of Suck My Balls. Ian is taking a break due to a new work schedule, so Matt & Joe invited on a guest. Trace Pierce. Trace runs a Youtube Channel called Pierce Productions and his top South Park episode caught their eye, so they invited him on. In this episode Cartman, Kyle, Stan & Butters scramble to find a place to watch the new Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer after Cartman destroys Stan’s TV. Chef’s TV is on a rampage and Russel Crowe just wants to fight. We also recap our top moments, pop culture reference, trivia and more. So its anchors aweigh with our friend Tugger, as we make podcasts, review shows and record Suck My Balls.

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