How to Lead a Quest with Dr Jason Fox


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Today’s book presents a different approach to enterprise strategy and leadership. A complementary approach the author calls: pioneering leadership. Rather than simply work within existing parameters of operational excellence pioneering leadership sees you embarking upon quests. Such quests allow us to systematically explore complex and uncertain futures.

We don't set goals in the hopes that a particular future will manifest — rather, we explore multiple possible futures, and prepare proactive stratagems to capitalize on each. The result of this continuous and dynamic approach is that enterprise strategy and leadership is enriched with viable, alternative options to pursue.

Such options allow enterprise leaders to mitigate risk, obtain strategic advantage and ensure meaningful progress as the world changes.

Pioneering leadership is challenging to initiate and maintain — especially when compared to the established approach that favours fast results with a bias toward prudence and predictability. But! If we can crack through our default thinking, pioneering leadership offers enterprise leaders the chance to obtain the most important thing of all — enduring relevance.

It’s a pleasure to welcome the author of How to Lead a Quest A handbook for pioneering executives, the Arch-Wizard of Ambiguity, Dr Jason Fox

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