Ep 3:24 Female Car Salesman from $2,700 Per Month To Earning $29,000 PER MONTH!


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Welcome to Season 3, Episode 24 of the Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast!

The Millionaire Car Salesman, Sean V. Bradley, CSP & Co-Host L.A. Williams, interviews Morgan Brittany, an astounding Automotive Showroom Sales Professional at the Jim Koons Automotive Group - a THREE BILLION Dollar Automotive Empire. Morgan expands on her groundbreaking accomplishments: selling 46 car sales in ONE MONTH and consistently averaging 6-7 units PER Saturday by never “watching the lot”. Morgan shares how she REFUSES to “give” cars away by maintaining GROSS profit and fully embracing the Automotive Industry Life Style.

Four years ago, Morgan was employed at a small bakery earning $2,700 per month, fast-forward to 2021, Morgan is DOMINATING the showroom floor, and now earning $29,000 EACH MONTH! Part of Morgan’s success is following a consistent routine, proactively planning/strategizing the day ahead, and creating organic/unique sales opportunities, by earning Client Referrals, spending 9 Hours DAILY in her CRM, and most importantly, WORKING her Service Drive! Episode 24 is the roadmap to showroom sales success that EVERY Automotive Professional needs to tune into to get to that NEXT LEVEL!

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