EP 4:10 The Real Used Car Factory: How To Buy 100 Cars Per Month From The Public


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Full Episode Blog: Vehicle Buying Center: Buy 100+ Cars A Month From The Public

The inventory crisis is affecting car dealerships across the nation. However, there are dealerships that sell more used cars and hold more gross during the used car inventory shortage. That is because they have a Vehicle Buying Center (VBC). Working with Dealer Synergy and VinCue, automotive dealers have a used car acquisition strategy to buy 100+ cars each month from the public.

Sean V. Bradley, CSP makes it a mission to stay on the cutting edge of the automotive industry. As such, he partners with dealers and technology companies that put car dealerships first. This week, Sean gives a presentation on how to acquire used cars during an inventory crisis, resulting in the ability to sell more used cars.

Who better to join him than Danny Zaslavsky. Sean & Danny are the Vehicle Buying Center pioneers. Utilizing VinCue’s revolutionary technology and Dealer Synergy’s HR services, on-site and virtual training, and CRM setup, Country Hill Motors successfully buys over 100 cars each month from the public.

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