The Untapped Marketing Niche of Accessible Tourism - Ryan Smith


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Ryan Smith lives in Melbourne, Australia where he's an award-winning designer and owner of Freewheel Weekends, a digital experience agency specializing in accessibility. Ryan says countries around the world are losing billions of dollars in tourist revenue each year from people just like himself, those with reduced mobility. And it's simply a lack of communication that could help people with reduced mobility plan a trip with confidence.

  • Designing for people with reduced mobility
  • What you can do to make places more accessible
  • How Ryan ended up starting Freewheel Weekends
  • The kind of content Freewheel Weekends makes
  • Intertwining the utility of accessibility with beautiful designs
  • Activists and agitators in the disability space
  • Catering to dual and/or opposite audiences
  • The Creative’s love of ‘the riddle’, and the need for genuine curiosity
  • Ryan’s experience of COVID
  • Highlights from the Freewheel Weekend videos
  • Ways a bad experience can make a person with a disability not want to travel
  • Ryan and Tim catching up about life, boats, and favorite quotes

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Clyde Golden is a creative agency in Seattle specializing in research, strategy, and content creation (earnestly delivered in that order) via Customer Journey programs.

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