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In this episode, host Phil Pelucha is Joined by Chili sleep co-founder Tara Youngblod. Good quality sleep is vital for everyone to function at their optimum level. Study after study has found that a lack of sleep not only impedes your quality of life but also shortens your lifespan.

After reading more than three hundred books and about two thousand articles, Tara realized that temperature-controlled sleep is essential for quality sleep. VLPO neurons or sleep-active neurons in the brain are a sleep switch triggered by temperature.

Through her work with Chili Technology, Tara Youngblood focuses on mattress heating and cooling systems, incorporating patented “Chili Technology,” which improves the quality of your sleep. Tara’s own experience with sleep deprivation and a background in physics and scientific research influenced her passion for researching sleep.

Youngblood’s work influences prominent politicians who play a significant role in society and sportsstars who make millions. One of the reasons that high-profile people may struggle with sleep is due to conventional ideas of hotels. Hotels typically do not sell customers the concept of quality sleep but focus on their experience while awake, which impedes sleep.

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