EP 51 - Jerrica Yasumura of Bungalow by Design


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Millennials Really Can Make New Friends is the unofficial subtitle of this week's episode. Jerrica Yasumura is a home decor reseller. Her personal collection leans heavy into the kitschy side of the '60s and '70s, and really, what could be more Mothball than that? She currently has a fabulous booth set up at a local Des Moines antique mall, The Picker Knows Antiques & Collectibles. Originally Jerrica tried reselling vintage clothing. Unfortunately, she found it almost impossible to find a good selection of cute clothes that were size-inclusive. That's when she started focusing on home decor instead. She really gets to put her skills of fashion retailer know how to good use while staging all her amazing finds. The free gift with purchase in this episode is all the garden nerding that starts off the interview, and the battle between Jill's husband and her ever-growing collection. Quote for the week: Good vintage should find good people. Well said.

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