Quick Tip 46 - Why "All in one solutions" are NOT the solution for continued success


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In this quick tip, Jennie jumps back into the discussion of Tech Stack vs. All In One Solution. (Learn more about tech stacks in Quick Tip #28). If Jennie sounds a bit sassy... it's because she 100% is.

We are constantly running into potential clients who've had horror stories to tell about having the wrong tech in place, and we do a lot of "swoop in and save" for our clients, moving them to the right tech stack for their business and away from all in one solutions that just were not serving them or their customers.

All in one solutions look really appealing to entrepreneurs on a budget or with limited technological knowledge, but often times they can and will cost you more money and aggravation in the long run.

Creating the right tech stack means you get the best possible product at the level you need it at (and budget) to deliver the best possible experience or outcome for you and your customers or clients.

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