Passion for People & Leadership - Lucy Barkas (live)


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Lucy says she was the archetypal good girl, and followed the traditional path – head girl, uni, job, married, kids, career – all ticked off the list by the time she was 30. She was living the dream, except it wasn’t bliss, nor a nightmare.

She felt like she was coasting.

By 35 she was divorced, left her job, sold her house and started again, and that’s when, she says, she started living.

She now works with Leaders and their teams to build organisations they are proud of.

She's an author, Podcast host and regular BBC Radio contributor, and her clients include private clients all the way up to international conglomerates.

Her initial curiosity was why do people behave the way they do and this led her to discover what shapes a leader, teams and high performance.

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