The Hidden Story of America's Black Founders


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America's original (White) Founders--Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, and others--were revolutionaries and resisters. They created a new nation but also a new relationship between the government and the people. Yet there were omissions, problems, conflicts, genocide, and racism. They never reached a clear decision on slavery, the rights of women, or the rights of the indigenous populations. Work remained to be done. America's new (Black, Indigenous) Founders were also revolutionaries and resisters. They were more committed to the ideals of equality, freedom, and individual rights for all people. They are often not revered like the original (White) Founders but their accomplishments were arguably greater and definitely more egalitarian. In this special episode, Robin discusses these new Founders--she names names!--and their contributions towards perfecting the Union for all people desiring life, liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Join this uncommon and revolutionary discussion.

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