98. Big Light Bulb is Screwing the Poor


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Light bulb companies are selling incansescent bulbs to poor people and marking up LEDs in certain neighborhoods. LA is banning oil and gas wells inside the city and U.K. wind turbines are already set to lower your power bill!

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James gets his EV tax rebate from a charity that he paid to the Saskatchewan government.

Electric scooter company Ola may be making a car. The Volkswagon ID.Buzz is coming off assembly lines. It's an all-ev updated version of their vans.

TeslaTimeNews gets critical of Tesla over its handling of the heat pump issue our friends have experienced this year in Canada.

From The Guardian, “The body responsible for managing renewable energy payments, the Low Carbon Contracts Company (LCCC), has forecast paybacks from the industry could increase to a total of £770m by the end of winter, shaving an average of £27 from the annual home energy bill. But customers might have been in line for multibillion pound paybacks worth about £140 for a typical annual energy bill if the UK’s renewable energy rollout had taken place sooner, according to the industry”

Incandescent, Inefficient Light Bulbs Live On at the Nation’s Dollar Stores Thanks to a Trump administration weakening of climate rules not only were LED bulbs less available in poorer areas, they also tended to cost on average $2.50 more per bulb than in wealthier communities.

Boycott Phillips bulbs!

The Guardian: The University Park neighborhood of Los Angeles has a lot in common with urban areas across the US: a dense population with lots of businesses and housing. A cluster of car dealerships. A row of restaurants. Schools and a community center.

But nestled in the predominantly Latino community is something rarely found in urban areas outside California: an oil field. These are set to go away...finally!

120v heat pump water heaters are coming this year which will make it super-easy to switch your water heating.

Yamaha launches new scooters using the Gogoro swappable batteries.

A listener argues for rooftop solar and tries to change James's mind.

Plus, Tesla Cybertruck redesign, Telsa insurance expansion, and Superchargers may be getting a boost in power.

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