23. A Blast from a Shaman’s Past: Reflection & Reverence a Decade in the Making with My First Shamanic Healer, Sarah Seidelmann M.D.


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As the first teacher I was divinely guided to, a decade ago, Sarah Bamford Seidelmann M.D. saw my shamanism begin to take root from my apartment in Brooklyn that looked out to a healing tree – my nature anchor for my initiation into my true self and to communicating with Mother Earth. Sarah was instrumental in my spiritual growth spurt, and shortly after our sessions together, I was shot out of the shamanic cannon. Her great care, shamanic abilities and support, alongside Great spirit, Great Mother Earth and all my other spiritual allies, held me as I flew to the great unknown.

It was wildly profound for me as we reunite and reflect on where our shamanic journeys have taken us thus far. For Sarah, that began with a radical sabbatical from her “day job” as a certified physician, traveling to India to bathe in the Ganges during the Kumbh Mela festival, and returning to The States to fully embody her calling as a shamanic mentor through formal studies and other avenues.

Along the way, she’s authored six books and a card deck, the latter of which we will receive a reading from today. Like myself, Sarah blends her spiritual work with conscious entrepreneurship, and we discuss how we invite abundance into our lives without attachment to profit. We also discuss the wild journey of writing books.

We also dive deep into various Shamanic ceremony experiences, including Sarah sharing about her very first shamanic journey and the two animal allies who revealed to support her and she also gifts us with telling one of the most honest, hilarious and humbling ones I’ve ever heard.

Today’s episode is a celebration of two medicine women holding space for one another and celebrating the humbling, flawed, yet always beautiful and miraculous ways shamanism expresses itself and reminds us of our humanity and infinite magnificence.

The Ceremonial Offering

Sarah guides you on an extraordinary rainbow drumming journey where you will meet her and me in a beautiful yurt to meet your own creative spiritual ally: the key to unlocking your spiritual powers.


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