Breastfeeding Dogs, Social Moths, and Birth Control


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Annie and Jess kick off this week talking about a weird dream including breastfeeding your dogs, and why we just don’t need to wear pants. Then Jess explains how she is more of a social moth than a butterfly, and they get ready to take a very quick but well-needed break. Then, they get into the topic of the week: contraception. They give their personal experiences, what to know when finding one right for you, and the side effects they have endured.

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • Annie and Jess know they aren’t doctors! They are just sharing from their own personal experiences and hopefully entertaining you in the process.
  • Men wince at the thought of getting snipped, but how bad is it compared to being on medication in your early teens?
  • Birth control can have side effects that we are ashamed to talk about, but this is a safe space here.
  • What birth control have Annie and Jess used? Are they on any now?
  • How to give yourself a breast exam. It’s easy, safe, and part of a true self-care routine.


  • “I’m more of a social moth than a butterfly!”

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