DM Slides and Why Grown Men Shouldn’t Shake Like a Dog


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Annie and Jess kick off the show talking about taking a little break, and then check out the DM slides since their inboxes seem to always be full with the most entertaining people. The messages lead to a Tinder conversation reenactment and a conversation on why you don’t always need to label yourself, and why Jess isn’t currently hooking up with girls.

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • A few of the insane people from Annie and Jess’s DM’s — you won’t believe the audacity!
  • Annie and Jess love hearing from you whether you learn from them, can relate to them, or are just entertained by them.
  • If you are a grown adult, please use a towel when you get out of the shower. Drying off in your soggy bed? NO!
  • Some of your amusing dating stories, including going from holding hands to dating someone real quick.
  • Why doesn’t Jess hook up with girls if she watches lesbian porn?
  • If you want to label your sexuality — cool! If you don’t want to label yourself. Cool! Whatever is right for you.
  • Why is it socially acceptable for women to try new things in the bedroom but not always men?
  • Annie and Jess loved your “Queef” movie titles including “Queef War” and “28 Queefs Later.” Classic.


  • “Sometimes the chaser needs to be chased. Why is no one chasing me!?”
  • “There is more to life than just inserting your penis and thinking that is what every woman wants.”

Slide Into Our DM’s:


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