Getting More Familiar with Asexuality


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This week, Annie talks about taking part in the music video of her dreams, while Jess explains why she may never change her surname. Then, they welcome a friend to the show, Kate, who openly discusses her experience with being asexual. A fantastic pole dancer and aerialist, Kate intelligently and openly talks about what asexuality is to her, what it is not, and the questions she wishes people would stop asking. She shares when she knew she was asexual, and how we can better understand viewpoints like hers.

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • What is being asexual? Is it a sexual orientation? A state of mind?
  • Does being asexual really mean you aren’t attracted to anyone?
  • Do asexual people masturbate?
  • How is being asexual different from celibacy?
  • Kate shares when she realized she was asexual and felt safe enough to share it with her community.
  • Resources for people who feel like they may be asexual but are looking for support.
  • Has Kate ever in a relationship or found anyone sexually attractive?
  • Are asexual men and women judged differently?
  • There needs to be more education around menstruation in school for young women growing up.
  • A few different terms around asexuality, including a-romantic. There are many different definitions on the asexual spectrum that people can choose to identify with.


  • “We were all devastated and smelling of cream.”
  • “Jess fancies pillows...and….men.”
  • “There’s this idea that growing up means getting interested in sex.” - Kate
  • “You are not going to be able to tell when someone is a-sexual.” - Kate

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