Getting Through a Dry Spell With Vanilla Kink


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Annie and Jess let loose on this late-night recording. There’s a big reveal of who doesn’t like coffee, and the ladies just try and make food fun again. Then, they get into the topic of the week — how to kick up the spice in a relationship that feels fizzled, and what kinks are the best ones to get the motor running again. They talk about foreplay, giving and taking constructive criticism in the bedroom, what kinks they are into personally, and which ones they never want to try again. At the end of this episode, you will never look at a rice krispie quite the same ever again.

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • What cake Annie and Jess would want their vagina to be if their vagina could be any cake.
  • Just because a relationship is having a dry spell doesn’t mean it’s doomed forever!
  • Why we shouldn’t call it foreplay.
  • Why do they call it falling in love vs. staying in love?
  • What do Annie and Jess really think about being flipped, choked, tickled?
  • Before you pull someone’s hair, think about how long they have taken to nurse it back to health?
  • How to tell someone what you do and don’t want.
  • Why holiday is sex is so good.
  • Some of Annie and Jess’s most memorable sex holidays, or sexcations.
  • How our mums like sex?
  • Are you into foot fetishes or wanting to keep it strictly from the ankle and above?


  • “I am the dick gobbler of Gods.”
  • “It takes a lot of confidence to say ‘I actually really like it when you do it like this’.”
  • “When someone sucks my big toe...I kind of like it.”

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