He Came On My Forehead and Called Himself Simba


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Jess swears off alcohol (for now), and Annie gets a brand new car! Then, the ladies talk about mood swings, PMT, and how to get others to take you seriously when you’re always joking. They check the DM slides and answer some questions about drunk antics, dirty dates, and clitoral erections.

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • Annie gets her first brand new car! Even with a heated steering wheel!
  • If you are a man or partner of someone that menstruates, it may not make sense, but know that the whole process can be very annoying and uncomfortable. Thank you for your empathy.
  • Annie and Jess talk about how much hormonal changes and PMT can affect the way we feel, think, and act.
  • A DM slides about a missing condom, and a pube covered pizza box.
  • What are the grossest things you’ve ever discovered dating someone?
  • Yes, clitoral erections are a thing.
  • Annie and Jess talk about their favorite way to orgasm, and read a listener story about their forehead being forever changed.


  • “Sometimes they just don’t think. Whoever your partner is. They don’t think.”
  • “I don’t like anything going close to my hairline.”

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