I Would Love To Give Everyone My Bathwater


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The Big O. Everyone has them, or do they? This week, Annie and Jess ride the wave of pleasure as they talk all about orgasms — why we even have them in the first place, the average length of them, and how to feel a little bit more normal if you aren’t as monumental as you hope they would be. They also talk about their favorite toys for the perfect orgasm, at what age they had their first one, and how to talk to your partner if it’s just not happening for you (yet).

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • Have your sleeping patterns changed over the pandemic? For Annie and Jess, it’s a yes.
  • Peeing after sex — does it really have benefits?
  • Feel weird about your nipples but not your clitoris? You aren’t alone.
  • What are the real reasons women have orgasms in the first place?
  • We aren’t taught in sex education to enjoy our orgasms, and that causes a major feeling of guilt around pleasure and sex.
  • Annie and Jess share their first time they had a pleasurable sexual experience.
  • The different types of orgasm, vaginal and clitoral.
  • Have Annie and Jess faked an orgasm before? Have you?
  • How long the average orgasm lasts, and how often women are having them.
  • Do you really know when you are orgasming?
  • The weirdest place Annie and Jess have ever had an orgasm. How about you?


  • “If you hire me for an hour, I will come in your bath. In your house.”
  • “I thought I was going to prison. I thought I was doing something really wrong.”
  • “I would rather get fanny out than the boobs.”
  • “There’s a market — resell those sex toys!”
  • “We do love a good dry humping.”

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