I’m The Pillow Predator


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Just like Jess’s childhood pillowcase, there is a whole lot packed into the episode this week. Bra talk, dry humping, mouth chewers, panicking nannies, and so much more. Annie and Jess read listener messages on favorite adult pleasure toys, whether socks should stay on or off in the bedroom, and they get the male’s perspective on squirting and favorite sex positions.

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • Bras and bra people can be so confusing. Whether you are a 32, Double D, or G, you are welcome here.
  • Some pretty great dry humping techniques that shocks even Annie.
  • Funny stories from discovering what feels good as a child, and what should never happen while out in public with your nanny.
  • The tea on squirting. What exactly squirting is, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed if you do it every time or you just can’t seem to do it at all.
  • Why some squirt and others don’t.
  • Some great listener feedback on tried and true sex toys — hey Womanizer, sponsor these ladies already!
  • Finding an open partner to try out new toys together is one of the best feelings in the world.


  • “You made a whole sex doll out of your pillow!”
  • “I’m the pillow predator. I want a Netflix Documentary made after me.”

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