Me and Chlamydia, We Have a History


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Jess kicks off this episode talking about a welcome release, and then she and Annie go into the topic this week, STD’s and STI’s. They discuss the difference between the two, some statistics on just how many people have them, and why there continues to be such a stigma and shame around STI’s like herpes and chlamydia when they are so common in society. Also, how do you know when it’s time to tell someone you’re dating about your STI, and is that always a deal-breaker? Be sure to listen to this episode before you google any pics of moldy bits!

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • Period pain! We will do a whole episode on it soon, but anyone that has it knows it’s no fun.
  • Jess got some d, and we want to hear all about it!
  • Sex colds can be underlying, and you may not even know you had one.
  • More about chlamydia and herpes, along with how far we have progressed in treating HIV.
  • The truth around not being perfect about wearing protection that no one else seems to talk about!
  • If we were more open about these issues in our society, fewer people would feel shame about their STI’s.
  • A cold sore on your mouth is acceptable, but genital herpes isn’t yet. What?
  • At what point do you tell your partner you have an STI? The first date, third date, when things get serious, or something in between?
  • Why it’s so hard for gay men to donate blood still, and how some of the stigma needs to change.
  • It is empowering to make an appointment once a year where you get fully screened and get a full rundown of your health.


  • “I know what you mean about swollen vaginas. Pulsating.”
  • “Me and chlamydia, we have a history.”
  • “The more we talk about it and the more open we are with it, maybe there won’t be this stigma and this guilt we carry around with us.”

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