Resliding Into Our DM’s, Prominent Bootyholes, and Vaginal Wigs


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Annie and Jess got such a good response from sharing the messages that slid their way into the DM’s, so they share a little more of those golden nuggets this week. Jess also shares a funny story about a date she just went on, and then they take listener messages about prominent bootyholes, peeing after sex, the importance of male hygeine and how to take control of the loudest guy in the room.

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • Jess went out on a date, and it was good. Like really good! She had an embarrassing moment, but it was sweet and made her feel nice and cozy.
  • Annie and Jess say hi to some of their new friends including a listener that loves the “boobcast” and a gal pal all the way out in California.
  • Jess’s fasting story — let them know if you have any fasting stories of your own!
  • Be kind to one another when speaking about our body parts. Just one small comment can stay with someone for years.
  • Nipple talk — please don’t hate on your boobs, because chances are they are fabulous. And if you need a second or third opinion, Annie and Jess are more than happy to judge.
  • Male hygiene is a must!
  • Anyone else out there besides Annie and Jess having very active sex dreams?
  • More about UTI’s and STI’s and why it’s important to make sure you pee after sex!
  • A listener message about taking control and dominating the loudest guy in the room. Should we pay attention to those dudes, let them be the way they are, or put them in their place?


  • “I always think oh I’m going to wear sexy lingerie and I always take it off within 5 seconds!”
  • “Honestly, if I had really nice tits, I would probably flash mine all the time. I probably wouldn’t wear a top.”
  • “Male hygiene is a must!”

Slide Into Our DM’s:


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