Sexual Harassment, Creepy Wedding Guests, and Not So Great Chiropractors


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This week, Annie and Jess kick off the episode talking about choosing a podcast production agency, and how they finally feel happy they found a match that supports them, compared to a previous experience. This story of male chauvinism is relevant to this week’s topic of sexual harassment, women questioning their worth, and why we need to hold men more accountable. They each talk about a time they encountered sexual harassment or just downright creepiness, and either dismissed it or felt guilty for bringing it up. Annie and Jess ask more men to call out their friends, and for us to believe our friends when they say something happened. Listen to their stories, and then feel free to contact Annie and Jess to share your own.

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • Annie and Jess have a good laugh, but in no way are they making light of this situation. If you experienced sexual harassment or are experiencing it now - be sure to call it out.
  • To all creators - work with people that make you feel uplifted and worthy.
  • Annie and Jess tell the story of how they found their production agency Podfly, and it was a night and day difference between who they may have worked with before.
  • You can choose to not be involved with projects without tearing people down or making them feel stupid for not knowing something.
  • We are always telling women to remove themselves from sexual harassment situations - why not reprimand the men doing it?
  • Annie and Jess each share personal stories of being harassed, even if they didn’t know that is what it was at the time!
  • Listen to your friends. Oftentimes women feel gaslit or question their own reality because they don’t think people will believe them.
  • Men - call out the guy (or yourself if you are that guy) when you hear inappropriate language and see bad behavior.
  • Alcohol is not an excuse for someone acting creepy, dangerous, or inappropriate!
  • Normalize women not wanting to have sex without apologizing or feeling incredibly guilty.


  • “At what point did we say anything about our underwear?! When did we f*cking talk about knickers?”
  • “Don’t make someone feel stupid because they don’t know the knowledge around that thing.”
  • “If something is even just a little bit weird, I start laughing.”
  • “I'm so sick of removing myself from a situation because I don’t want to make others feel uncomfortable.”
  • “That’s the hardest thing about questioning yourself. What they regard as “not that bad” can be very damaging to the person.”

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