Swings, Swinging, and the Wheelbarrow Position


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Jess is seeing a new guy, and takes him to a party where he gets very admired. This leads to a conversation about the difference between harmless flirting and being weird, and a question about when each of the ladies first did the deed. Then, Annie does some math as she and Jess calculate how many people they’ve been with, and share a sex position they would love to try and fun products that will make it even better.

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • What is the true average of how many blo**jobs a man gets a week, and how many do they even want?!
  • Annie and Jess talk about what age they were when they first had sex, and what they still remember from the experience.
  • How many people have they slept with? Just don’t expect them to do math.
  • What’s a sex position you would love to try?
  • Have Annie and Jess done threesomes or group sex before?
  • Do the ladies read erotic fiction?
  • How often do Annie and Jess masturbate?


  • “I am a flirt and I love attention. Doesn’t everyone?”
  • “I talked about my flaps curtain. There is no way you want your mate hearing that!”
  • “I want to be on a slide and have his dick slide into me.”
  • “I went home in a trolley last night. That was great.”

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